Supplemental, standards-aligned math confidence kits & PD/workshops for your school, district, or OST/informal learning program!

Your Partner in Elevating Math Learning


 Are you seeking to bolster your students’ math skills, close confidence gaps, and supplement your educational curriculum? Math = Me provides real-world application, hands-on learning, and curated tools and activities to boost math confidence and skills and transform how your students view and interact with math.

Unbox the Magic of Math Confidence and Nurture Math Skills + Confidence With Math = Me

Our solutions offer these benefits:

Multi-Disciplinary Learning

We don’t just teach math; we incorporate ELA, history, career pathways exposure, and more

Real-World Applications

Our system ties math skills to real-world experiences, making learning relevant and engaging

Customized Solutions

From subscription plans to classroom packs to bulk orders, we offer a variety of options to fit your needs


Our packages come complete with an Educator Guide, answer keys, and recommended professional development/workshops


Our system complements and supplements your curriculum for easy integration

Engaging Materials

Our themed boxes and colorful, theme-based workbooks make learning fun and relatable

For All Educational Settings

Ideal for traditional schools, charter schools, co-ops, after-school programs, and youth-serving organizations

3 Options to Fit Your Needs


Ideal for small groups, clubs, and intervention

$ 27 95 / box Monthly
  • Standards-Aligned
  • SEL
  • Mathematician Feature
  • Math Activity Workbook
  • Manipulative
  • Math Affirmation Card
  • Educator Guide
  • Answer Key
  • Custom Sticker Sheet
  • Motivation Chart
  • Fun Facts
subscription plan duration options: 3, 6, or 10 Months | minimum of 10 boxes per plan

With an optional upgrade, you can also receive: Additional Goodies/Manipulatives based on box theme, a Workshop/Professional Development

Classroom Packs

Best for schools, teachers, classroom learning, and lesson plan supplementation

$ 299 95 / pack
  • Standards-Aligned
  • SEL
  • 10 Mathematician Features
  • 10 Math Activity Workbooks
  • 10 Math Affirmation Cards
  • 10 Custom Sticker Sheets
  • 5 Manipulatives
  • Educator Guide
  • Answer Key
  • Motivation Chart/ Toolkit
  • Fun Facts
Packs of 10 of theme of your choice

With an optional upgrade, you can also receive: Additional Goodies/Manipulatives based on kit theme, a Workshop/Professional Development

One-Time Bulk Order

Perfect for after-school programs, camps, and larger educational initiatives.

$ 39 95 / box
  • Themed Boxes (Min: 50)
  • Standards-Aligned
  • SEL
  • Mathematician Feature
  • Math Activity Workbook
  • Manipulative
  • Math Affirmation Card
  • Educator Guide
  • Answer Key
  • Custom Sticker Sheet
  • Motivation Chart
  • Fun Facts

We offer purchase orders, invoices, and Special Orders. 50-kit minimum order (choose from past kit themes)

How to Get Started

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3(.14)!

Choose Your Option

Schedule a call with us if you want a Subscription or Classroom Pack. E-mail us for your One-Time Bulk Order Request!

Receive your Boxes

Unpack curriculum-aligned activities, manipulatives, and resources curated to engage and delight your youth

Implement & Inspire

Use our Educator Guides and training to seamlessly integrate Math = Me into your existing program

Set up a call with us today!

What Our Partners Say

We have been using [the kits] at our elementary school for three years now. It's amazing to see how confidence has grown in our young women. They not only see themselves as mathematicians, but feel affirmed and celebrated in their racial identity. Seeing the joy of our students when learning about the featured mathematicians is such a highlight. Students ask about [the kits] all the time and want to know when they can do more math. They're connecting math to their many interests thanks to [you] and we are so grateful for the kits and lessons!

Lisa W.

Elementary School Asst. Principal

Being a math teacher and a mom, I have a kid in my house [who] hates math and this will help bridge the gap and help me work on his math deficits. It will help with the basics like multiplication. A lot of parents don't know their kids can't multiply. But if you do something like this, it engages them [in] just 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Katrice D.

6th Grade Math Teacher, parent of a 6th grader

Woo hoo! [Our boxes] have arrived. 💜💜💜So excited for our girls to learn about diverse STEM professionals because representation matters. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 ...Boxes featuring John Urschel and more 🧑🏾‍🦱🧑🏾‍🦱🧑🏾‍🦱for our young princes. Thank you for this special delivery.

Dr. Shelly Jones

Benjamin Banneker Association

How Our Boxes Have Been Used By Our Partners

  • Summer Camp Enrichment Activity
  • Math Center / Station
  • Small Groups
  • Family/Game/Math Night
  • Clubs, groups, or activities
  • In conjunction with National Days / Weeks / Months (e.g. Black History Month, National STEM / STEAM Day, International Day of Women & Girls in Science, etc.)
  • Curriculum / lesson complement / supplement
  • Prizes / gifts/ incentives

With Math = Me, your students' success is only a click away

Take the first step in enhancing your math curriculum and fostering an enthusiasm for math in your students!


Math = Me is a comprehensive, evidence-based math education kit geared towards educational institutions, homeschooling organizations, and non-profits. It takes a holistic, real-world approach to math education, supplemented by a variety of educational resources including stories of real-world mathematicians, math activity workbooks, affirmation cards, and educator guides.

We offer three primary plans designed to meet your organization’s unique needs:

  • Subscription Plan: Ideal for small groups and intervention settings.
  • Classroom Packs: Best for classroom learning and small groups.
  • One-Time Bulk Orders: Suited for afterschool and out-of-school-time programs, large-scale educational initiatives, and special events.

Math = Me is versatile and applicable to various educational settings, including traditional and charter schools, after-school programs, and youth-serving organizations. The kits are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for all students, regardless of gender or background.

  • Subscription and Classroom Packs: Please set up a Discovery Call with us here so we can get you exactly what you and your young people need!
  • One-Time Bulk Orders: For these, we ask that you contact us at for a customized quote. We offer purchase orders, invoices, and customized payments for bulk orders.

Yes, for all of our packages, we offer optional upgrades that include additional themed goodies/manipulatives, workshops/keynotes, and professional development to further enrich your students’ educational experience.

The workbooks in our kits are Common Core standards-aligned, allowing easy integration into your existing educational curriculum and strategies.

Yes, professional development/training is highly recommended  for all packages to ensure your educators/staff make the most of our offerings.

Getting started with Math = Me is easy:

  • For Subscriptions and Classroom Packs, please click here to set up a Discovery/Demo call with us so we can learn more about your needs.
  • For One-Time Bulk Orders, contact us at or 302-313-MATH to arrange your orders.
  • Subscription Plan: Order by the 4th of the month and your order will ship between the 14th and the 18th of each month.
  • Classroom Packs and One-Time Bulk Orders: Please allow approximately 30 days for orders to be fulfilled and shipped.
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